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tv   BBC World News  WHUT  December 25, 2009 7:00am-7:30am EST

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>> "bbc world news" is presented by kcet, los angeles. funding for this presentation is made possible by the freeman foundation of new york, stowe, vermont, and honolulu. the newman's own foundation. the john d. and catherineç t. macarthur foundation.
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and union bank. ç >> union bank has put its financial strength to work for a wide range of companies, from small businesses to major corporations. what can we do for you? >> and now "bbc world news." >> the pope gives his annual christmas message just hours çafter a serious security brea. he was pulled to the groundç bt a woman at the christmas eve mass. she tried the same stunt last year. china has jailed a dividend for 11 years, and hast caused
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outrage over the world. the dollar then release the video showing a u.s. soldier. we will also be in line with the bowen -- british royal family celebrating christmas. of course, a bit of music to encourage trade cors, cuban exile. ç-- cubanç-style. >> pope benedict had delivered his traditional message of overlooking st. peter's square. this comes as the vatican is her dream security as a woman might -- knocked the pope to the ground the night of the christmas mass. she is the same woman that try to approach the pontiff last
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year. >> there were several brief minutes of panic in the ground as the popeç entered a processn with his cardinals and senior aide to at the start of midnight mass. the choir stopç singing and the crowd gasped as security men ran down to see what happened. pope benedict was unexpectedly knocked to the ground by a woman wearing a red pullover who jumped the security barrier. she was later said to be mentally disturbed and was detained for questioning. >> this person flew over the barricade in the holy father went down and all of a sudden, all the security people were on top, getting her off, pulling him back up. >> the young lady jumped over the barrier and seemed toç have
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been pulled away. at that point, she lunged at the pope, aj that is when they went down together. >> the pope will next year celebrate his 83rd per day. he is in relatively good health, but was clearly shaken. this has been the most serious breach of security in the past few years. although he was unharmed, the jury will have to be reviewed. the pope spoke with a firm voice as he delivered his traditional message to the city of rome an to the world from the balcony of st. peter's basilica. the vatican is playing down the avity of the breach of sgcái%qe last night, but it has çemerged the same woman who attacked the pope last night made a previous attempt to make
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a security breach one year ago. on that occasion she was successfully restrained. there is to be no change in the po's public engagements as a result of last night engagement. >> one of china's most prominent dissident has been sentenced to 11 years in prison. human rights groups say the sentence is extremely severe. the husband of liu xiaobo says she plans to appeal. >> the bird will have shrunk no one who went to court to hear the people expected them to walk free,. foreign embassy officials who went to the court has condemned it. >> the u.s. government is deeply
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concerned by the 11 year sentence prison in the case of democracy activist liu xiaobo under the charter of sunburning state power. this is inconsistent with internationally-recognized norms of human rights. ç>> he is hoping that he is the last person to be charged with a crimeç for freedom of expressi. he thinks the government knows what it has done and it is wrong, and hopes that the government will come to realize that it should not hurt its citizens for nonexistent crimes. >> this professor was once detained. he has also been put on trial
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for criticizing the country's one-party rule. many of the changes advocated by çthe liu xiaobo are already supposed to be guaranteed by the >> politics remains the sole command of the communist party, and this shows that leaders will not accept any dissent about the way that they've run the country. >> police in peru say 40 people have died in a bus crash in the andes. it was traveling between two cities 1,104 miles from theicy . have been blamed for 14 deaths since wednesday. a state ofç emergency has been
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declared himself a coma, texas ç-- in south dakota and texas. fannie mae and freddie mac, which were taken over by the government, could be receiving pay packages of up to $6 million each. charles williams and another manager have been criticized for receiving access said belts. -- for receiving excessive pay. the taliban have released a big year that appears to show an american soldier captured in afghanistan. private first class bowe bergdahl disappeared in june. it has not yet been confirmed that the man in the video is the same man but the man in the video says he is being well- treated by his captors. ç>> >> the positionç in afghan
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, but after i was captured and became a prisoner of war with the taliban. >> many of the foreign troops part of a nato operation will continue their patrol duties today as the ban on the taliban. -- the day battle of the taliban. our correspondent is on the front lines. >> today it is just another day. i was speaking to a couple of the soldiersho have already been$' patrol. they have not even had a chance to open up their gifts, each fruit. just a fewç years ago i watchea helicopter bring in some presence for the people.
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there are also plans later today for a big christmas dinner. i know the chefs have been working hard to create something memorable for most of them, it is just another day at the office. this is still an active part of the country. i was with the troops in the lead up to christmas. >> another helicopter clattered into the jackson for the pace. on board our men and supplies. some just for christmas, most for fighting. this has been a difficult week for british troops, losing up when you are already. that page in part to the policy of sending soldiers up to the community, not just onç contro, but to live and work among the afghans. it makes them vulnerable, but the commander of this group makes no apologq. >> we are living amongst the
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population, building relationships, and that gives us the opportunity to engage in discussions with them that are necessary in order to mobilize the insurgents. >> but the battle of the ideas it is slow and intangible. with 106 british soldiers dead this year, both here -- most here believe that victory is elusive. >> foremost, it is till christmas, and although they are a long way from home, they are not that far away from tradition. carol's on christmas eve. the rich will find humans together, creating a familyç tt none of them can see. there is a poignancy to the service. in the three months they have been here, they have lost eight
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men. the latest just a few days ago. that is a part of the john, of course, the big job, of course. -- that is just part of the john, of course. soldiers here say that it does not really feel like chrtmas all know it is a special day. >> we have a tale of ambition and courage. the british man hoping to cross the atlantic. he was expected to arrive in the british virgin, and by new year's eve but is already one week behind schedule. >> his original plan was an ambitious butç straightforward, sales unassisted from the atlantic to the caribbean, becoming the first disabled
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person to do so. çyou know what they say about e best laid plans. >> we are here in a marina. the reason we are here is on the occasion that we have to put the engine on, when the wind dies, we discovered we have contaminated fuel. that means we have a bug in the system, and got to the engines, and there is a possibility it could have come into the generator, which had -- would have been catastrophic. >> he had sailed the atlantic three times before he but paralyzed. this week has reminded him how unpredictable the ocean can be. >> we have had some fairly rocky seas. my personal assistant on the trend has beenç the one to lift the from the wheelchair to the
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bed. it is not easy in the best of times, so it has beefç incredibly challenging. >> now the dream is back on the water and heading for the caribbean. however, the lack of trade winds is making the journey unbearably slow. >> we are making about six months now, so hopefully we are going to find some better wins in a few days to pick up speed. >> window or no wind, christmas will be celebrated in the middle of the ocean. his wife and son are waiting for him in the caribbean. >> it is tough being away from family and friend, but i have a great crew withç me, so we areo have a roasted chicken dinner. >>ç he is 2,000 miles away from
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achieving his dream, but he knows that the motion will pose many more challenges in the next few weeks. >> can and british, a formula stand up to scrutiny in india? japan has toned down its stance on terror to a dispute with south korea over new guidelines issued for history education in high schools. the guidelines of all references of the japanese territorial demands on a group of islands claimed by south korea. they had been at the center of a simmering feud. çthe university there has interviewed -- introduced one of its newest lectures to students. asç you can see behind me, the new recruit is actually a robot.
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>> it is a class no one wants to miss becse the electorate is something of a star attraction. small, shiny, and pink. this humanoid robots is being developed to inspire students, cutting staffing costs. it is hoped that they will encourage students in this field of expertise. >> i am envious because i'm graduating this year and will not be able to take place in this class. >> i think it is quite helpful for studying as well. >>ç the teachers at the instite of technology say seeing is believing, and this room(btt should encourage students to achieve even more. >> although we have students who want to study robotics, we do not have any teaching
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material for that, which is not ideal, so we developed this robot to use as an educational tool. >> what the robot is something of a minor celebrity at the institute, teacher and are hoping to do to come up with something even more impressive in the future. >> the pope has delivered his yearly christmas message despite being knocked over. chinese dissident liu xiaoboç s been jailed for 11 years. çtwo bishops, eamonn walsh and raymond field, will be leaving
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their posts. this comes after a report that the church covered up abuse of children for decades. benjamin netanyahu says the unity government could boost the country's security and help peace movements with the palestinians. the asa said he hoped to put members of the catena. it is believed that the daughter of usama bin laden has taken refuge at any saudi arabian embassy. the family members are being held under hous arrest in iran, but the foreign minister says that he was free to leave theç country, only if she obtained the proper travel documents. the british says it takes some getting usedç to buy now it is being exported. the comedy store it is opening a
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new branch in mumbai. they will try to cash in on growing enthusiasm. here is our south asia correspondent. >> in india's capital, a new form of entertainment, stand up company -- comedy. >> you can party like a rock star, until 10:30 at night. >> he is an indian comedian who çhas appeared regularly on british television. this is relatively new for indian audiences. it is all about knowing where the line çhas to be drawn. >> you have to manage your setting very well. you have to make sure people
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cannot see each other in the audience. they are conscious about who is laughing at what. >> but it is not just established stand up. this is an open mike nights in a deli bar -- delhi bar. she is a lawyer by day, a comedian by night, determined to shake up a few taboos. >> the reason i was inspired to do stand-up is i was in the audience and heard about all of this femaleç bashing, and i sa, i can do that. >> there is, ofç course, a hug, the ene in india already. some subjects were still called
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a sharp intake of caste and religion immediately into mind. but parts of india on learning to laugh and themselves in a much more liberal way. >> i think there is an upper middle class of urban sense of humor emerging. cosmopolitan, well-traveled, exposed to western comedy, sitting in their enclaves, talking about american entertainment. it is sort of like the new thing to do. >>ç so english language, the reflecting the new indiana the delete. çthis is still a conservative country, but in so many ways it is becoming more open to the world. >> the oldest city in cuba, for
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centuries, has had a battle of the fireworks. it is a spectacular sight that attracts huge grant -- crowds. >> from any of us is one of the oldest colonias and tears in cuba. foremost, it is just a sleepy town, but not at christmas time. >> 200 years ago there was a priest here who was upset because there were so fewç peoe attending the christmas midnight mass, so he's and children across theç town benning on tin cans. little did he realize what he was about to on a leash -- unleash. it has evolved into an annual
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carnival featuring fireworks, music, dae, and white chose. this is more than a carnival, it is a competition between two sides of town. for generations, he can try to do -- out to the other. >> on one side is a group represented by a sparrow hawk. the other side is the san salvador district whose symbol is a cockerel. new year's eve -- christmas eve start quiet enough try to outdo each otherç with a light show. they spend every month preparing every detail in secret. çpassions run high although it rarely turn the violence. >> i know families who will not talk to each other during carnival because they are on opposite sides, this woman told me.
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next, the concept as each side dances their way into the main square to the battle on the homemade fireworks. last night they had the display at midnight, but this year organizers changed their mind. inside, the priest decided it was too noisy to compete. >> the carnival has devolved artistically but is killing condition of midnight mass. despite the crowds packed remain shot. the only miracle is that the town has never burned down. ç>> here in brita queen elizabeth and the rest of the royal family attending a christmas day church service in the east of england. hundreds of onlookers were there as they made their way to a nearby mary matalin church.
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the queen is expected to pay tribute to the work of the armed forces in afghanistan. now to clear marshall who has been watching the events unfold. for the royal family, a white christmas? >> it is like a picture postcard winning for the royal family to arrive. if you had been here 15 minutes ago, you would have seen hundreds of people streaming away sç the service ended. before it came to light, people were turning up to give their well wishes to the family. çevery year the queen arrived n her royal guard. this year she troubleith the clean up as sex. -- queen of essex. people traditionally wait until after the service, when the children are able to approach
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the queen, and give her punches of flowers, poems. i spoke to one man who said that he has been coming here for 31 years. he said when princess diana was alive, the crowd were out of the huge, but in the last few years, the in do is get him has been picking up again. >> they are all present and accountedç for, but prince william and harry, no girlfriends allowed? >>ç no, there was fierce speculation about whether or not the girls would be here. a few days ago, the queen made a specifically to give them some privacy at this time of year, when the royal family is just keeping to themselves. the queen was asking people to stay away. that ledo speculation that there could be news that there
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was some sort of a royal engagement. neither of them were here. i spoke to one man who said it seemed a bit old-fashioned. a lot of people would like to see them, but they were not here. >> news of engagement with her and in the good news for the ne. you can see the queen's christmas message here, so stay with us for that. çwatch the news unfold at made possible by the freeman foundation of new york, stowe, vermont, and honolulu. the newman's own foundation. the john d. and catherine t.and union bank.
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